Isla Fisher is one of my all-time favorite petite starlets to grace the silkscreen, and she has all the right curves in all the right places. But what are her measurements, you ask?

Let me begin by saying it wasn't exactly easy tracking down her measurements, however after locating the figures, we were pleasantly surprised.

Her stats are said to be 34-24-35. But how accurate does that sound to you?

Unfortunately i wasn't able to find the net worth of Isla Fisher by searching the internet, however i did find a couple of celebrity net worth websites, but neither one had Isla Fisher listed.

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It already seems like Isla Fisher has been with Sasha for an eternity and the some, which got me thinking about Isla Fisher's prior dating history.

Did she ever date any other famous leading men? And if so, who?

There is nothing more enjoyable to us than providing bits of information about Isla Fisher to her amazing fans.

That's why today we are giving you the shoe size of Isla Fisher!

Isla Fisher's shoe size.


Checkout this candid photo of Isla Fisher with her adorable baby girl, having a walk down the street while sporting a dazzling pair of Prada PR 18IS Sunglasses.

I love this over sized style of sunglasses, it give you a windshield of UV blocking while looking very trendy at the same time.

Send us photos of Isla Fisher wearing other brands of sunglasses.